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Welcome To The Garden Of Vegan

We Are A Online Virtual Kitchen.  We Offer: Call In, Pick Up & Delivery.

Call (770)374-0327 To Confirm Your Order.....

Hours of Operation: 

Tuesday - Saturday 11am to 8pm.  Closed Sunday & Monday

And We Will Deliver Your Meals Hot And Fresh.

Chef Tra' Presents The Garden of Vegan Meal Plan

"Meal Plans Locally Delivered or Shipped."

Try Out Our New (6) Meal Plans

Meal Plan 60

Meal Plan 70

Meal Plan 80

Meal Plan 150

Meal Plan 180

Meal Plan 210

All Meal Plans are Completely Prepared, Freezer & Refrigerator Friendly & Mix & Match Meals once a Plan is chosen.

Now Offering:

Family Meal Bundles


Admin Operations:

3418 Mosswood Lane

Rex, Ga. 30273

Please send all Reviews and Comments to:

Google Reviews

Go to the Contact Page and make an appointment/reservation for several different events.

Phone:  (770) 374-0327


Chef Tra' Presents The Garden of Vegan

 Hours of Operation 

Local Delivery/Curbside/Online Services

Tuesday thru Saturday 11am-8pm

Delivery Hours 12pm - 7:30pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

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